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About Us

Everything lasting starts with a solid foundation.  Mills Development Corporation’s foundation is simple – and solid. 

The people at Mills Development have decades of experience in nearly every area of the construction and development process.  We have negotiated the acquisition of everything from large tracts of farmland to key one-third in-fill lots.  We understand the language of real estate development and the intricacies of the deal far beyond the bankers and brokers.  We have designed and built 100+ unit apartment complexes and single family homes. We have played a critical role in the development of C-stores, grocery stores, large box retail stores, strip malls, banks, restaurants, motels, fast food, office buildings, churches, schools and industrial buildings.  We have walked through the mountains of paperwork associated with historical preservation and government requirements.  We have designed and built master-planned communities, the newest now in the early stages (see the “Prairie Hills” tab).    

Through the years of experience, Mills Development has learned to roll on the ups and weather the downs of a cyclical and sometimes volatile business.  A leader and innovator for years, MDC applies the proven ideas of the past while always looking for new ways to inspire people to better living at work and home.

Unlike the stereotype often applied to the land development profession, we don’t “wheel and deal”.  We believe the long view is the best view.  With a smile, and a handshake, we strive for success, not just for us but for all we work with – as a standard, every time.

We hope you’ll check out our current offerings on the pages of this website.  Check us out too.  Talk with our customers.  Talk to city officials.  Ask somebody at the coffee shop.  Our projects speak to where we’ve been and point to where we are headed.  If we can help you with your goals or dreams give us a call.  We’d love to get acquainted and see where we might get – together.


  Mission Statement:

"Mills Development Corporation develops land, and builds and repurposes buildings, based on what we know about people – how we live/work/shop and what affects us all.  We know our work impacts people and communities for generations.  With that in mind, we draw on the best of our decades in housing, historic preservation, commercial, office and industrial development and apply creativity, innovation and attention to detail to everything we do.”